All I want this Holiday is two new Rotary Fillers?


Mactec is proud to announce the successful FAT of two MTMB-32 Monoblock vial filler/cappers. These units will ship soon to one of our customers where they will be placed alongside two of Mactec’s MT-150 blister packaging machines to produce components for a variety of testing kits. Both MTMB-32’s included some unique features: multiple presence detection systems, visual fill level inspection, air filtration systems, and multiple rejection protocols. Lots of features in such a mobile machine!

Congratulations to our customer and hats off to the Mactec team for delivering (once again) two beautiful, reliable, Made in the USA machines!

This customer needed a customized machine and knew that Mactec Packaging Technologies was the place to go!

Do you have a thermoforming, pouching, or fill/seal process that requires a non-standard solution? Reach out to your local Sales Manager or visit the Contact Us Page on our website!
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