Bring your product to market safely and quickly with versatile, operator-friendly blister
packaging machines.

Ensure your product is ready for medical use or consumption with a sealed blister package protecting it from contamination. We assist with installation and validation, so you know your product will meet regulatory certifications.

Our Blister Packaging Machines

All machines work with dry or liquid products and utilize thermo- or cold-forming processes.


This table top blister packaging machine represents the best in versatility and customization. Designed originally for small runs, changeover only requires 10-20 minutes. However, the machine also has the capability for continuous production over a longer period. The small size benefits inpatient pharmacies, R&D unit dose production, long-term care facilities, small pilot runs, and many others.

Mactec MT 100H

MT100 H / S

The MT-100 blister packaging machine offers great flexibility as a portable machine capable of blister strips, but also single unit-dose options. Applications often include liquid filling, due to the versatility of thermoform and cold form capabilities.


While designed for small runs with a 15 to 30-minute changeover time, this small but powerful machine can still handle longer production cycles and shifts where necessary. The MT125X remains portable at less than 10-feet long, but also meets the needs of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and other industries.


The newest addition of the MT150X machine offers a wider format to meet the need for a large blister pack. The throughput of this machine allows for a larger pack size or multiple smaller pack size, increasing output with the most versatile feeding and customization options.


Large format machine for automatic blister cards.

Great for medical devices and secondary packaging.

Capable of converting to large scale blister machine for solid dose, liquids, and medical devices with web width up to 400mm.

Table Top Sealer

MT-Table Top Sealer

Sealing capabilities with a Table Top Design format.

Has Digital Heat Controller, Digital Timer Function, and runs on 110VAC power.

Versatile with the capability of multiple removable Seal Die Sets, has intuitive operations, and has Tool-less change parts.

Our Blister Packaging Machines

See the versatility in shape and size of our blister packaging!

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