Combine multiple tasks with one machine for the complete process.

Even with multiple parts for filling, filtering, sealing, and other operations, the Mactec Monobloc fillers simplify your operations through quick changeovers and operator-friendly design. This robust, customizable machine will help scale your business while still allowing for small-runs and product testing.

Our Monoblock Filler Machines

Explore the many product options for this scalable, robust machine.

Single-Cup Sealer

Used primarily for their compatibility with Keurig machines, our single-cup monobloc includes the processes to incorporate a coffee filter into the packaging. Our design is proven and ready for your coffee or tea product!



We design custom monobloc fillers to meet your liquid or dry packaging needs. This machine will fill, cap, and seal your product in any small to medium size container. The most popular applications are in the food and hospital pharmacy industries, but it provides a great solution for any single-use product.


Base machine comprises of a mechanically synchronized high precision indexing table. The mono-block filler will advance in an intermittent motion. The MTMB60 machine will have the capability of automatically loading a preformed cup, fabricating a filter, and inserting into cup, filling, tamping, lid placement system and sealing of single serve units.

MTMB60 Overhead Shot

Monoblock Fillers Finished Products

Explore the many product options for this scalable, robust machine.

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