One-size-fits-all solution for personalized products.

Pouches continue to grow in popularity for small-run or personalized batches of products that need to be individually sealed. From hospital and veterinary pharmacies to health and beauty solutions, many industries require the versatile, small pouch packing machines created by Mactec to handle quick changeovers and product adjustments.

Our Pouch Packaging Machines

Discover our pouch packing machine solutions for each industry.

MT150P (Horizontal Fill)

Mactec Packaging’s horizontal pouch packaging machine is most commonly used for edible strip packaging into the oral care, pharmaceutical, healthcare, CBD, animal and pet medications markets. Mactec’s packaging of edible strips is great for any industry looking for an oral delivery system to its end user.


Our vertical-fill pouch machine accommodates dry and liquid products to meet the needs of every industry from food providers to pharmaceuticals. The simple operation makes it ideal for pharmacy settings, but the machine is powerful enough to handle continuous output through multiple operator shifts.

Other Machines